Historical Jewellery That Changed the World

Every now and again, a visionary comes along and shakes up their industry.

Leonardo da Vinci. Thomas Edison. Martin Scorsese… Beyoncé.

This is not the case for fine jewellery. While jewellers can be renowned for their craftsmanship and style, it is more often the jewellery pieces themselves or the people wearing them, that leave their mark upon history.

Given this, exquisite jewellery can shape our sense of beauty and leave the world with a new definition of art or fashion.

So, in favour of celebrating the best of the best, here are some of our favourite historical jewellery that has changed the world for the better!

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2020 Styling Guide for Men’s Jewelry

For a lot of men, wearing jewellery isn’t a natural component of their style. 

Once reserved for the allusive and mysterious male, such as the likes of Johnny Depp or Keith Richards, jewellery has been breaking into mainstream culture. Playing a growing role in both high-fashion and everyday street clothing, there is no better time for men to up their fashion game! 

However, when it comes to experimenting with your own style, there is a fine line between Flava-Flav and Jason Momoa. 

To ensure you’re not hitting any fashion faux-pas, we will take you over the best styling tips for men’s jewellery this year.

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Earrings!


The quintessential gift between couples for the entirety of written history. In fact, JewelStreet finds that 58% of women prefer to receive jewellery as a gift over other traditional alternatives, such as chocolate.

Among those who responded, Earrings were at the top jewellery item requested! But with so many couples receiving earrings, it can easily become cliché. Luckily, you can avoid this by knowing your significant other’s style. 

Being around for almost 75 years, Edwards & Davies has learned a thing or two about gifting the perfect set of earrings. But what would the Season of Giving be without sharing our secrets! 

Here is the ultimate gift guide for purchasing earrings this season!  

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Bracelets

Accessories are like Lays Potato Chips; you can’t have just one!

For those of those still searching for the perfect last-minute gift, this simple fact means you’re not out of the race yet!

This week we are going to be focusing on bracelets and the indescribable joy they instill in their wearers. Bracelets are simply extraordinary in the way they can complement an outfit, or shoot a look through the stratosphere.

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Necklaces!

Oh, the holidays!

What a spectacular time of the year. Filled with joyous celebrations of family, food, and relaxa – Oh no… You forgot to get a gift! What will do you do!? There is no time!!!

Don’t you fret! Edwards & Davies has your back with the Ultimate Gift Guides for Necklaces!

We’ll get you the perfect gift, guaranteed to shock and amaze your loved one this Christmas season. No matter your budget, and no matter your style, we have a necklace to suit your significant other’s personality!

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Purchasing the Perfect Engagement Ring for Christmas

We love this time of year. The snow, though a little early this year, creates a homey, gentle vibe. People around the world are getting ready to celebrate holidays, and families are preparing for yearly get-togethers. This season is also a great time to reflect on our past year, our relationships, and our future

This culmination of warm spirits and love makes Christmas one of the most spectacular times to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage. If you’re ready to make this big step, but are lost in all the particulars of engagement ring shopping, we don’t blame you! 

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Love-Inspired Custom Jewellery

There is no love stronger and more special than that of a Mother. They are the person who brings you into this world. Mothers are your friends. Your consigliere. Your confidant. And your family. With how much Mothers do for us, most can only hope to give back a sliver of gratitude in comparison to their commitment. It is through this special bond that we were contacted to create some Mother-inspired custom jewellery. 


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The Best Bling to Give Your Bridesmaids: Gift Guide

Bridesmaids holding flowersYour bridesmaids do a lot for you while you gear up to tie the knot. From pitching in for your bridal shower to helping to organize a bachelorette getaway, these ladies (and, perhaps, lads) volunteer a lot of their time and money to make sure your big day is everything you dream of! Bridesmaids gifts are a thoughtful way to show your gratitude for all that your bridesmaids do.

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How to Take Proper Care of Your Engagement Ring

Taking proper care of your engagement ring will help to increase its lifespan and preserve its original beauty.

Undoubtedly, your ring is one of your most cherished possessions, and just like you take regular care of the other important things in your life (yourself, your family members, your home and vehicles…) you should also be taking regular care of your engagement ring!

Here are some of our expert DOs & DON’Ts to help you keep your engagement ring looking brand new


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Matching Your Unique Engagement Ring

Do you have a unique engagement ring, or find yourself wishing for one? Are you confused about how you are inevitably going to match a wedding band to it?  We are here to let you know that there is absolutely no need to fret! You can keep your unique engagement ring and find the perfect band to match, we promise!

We know that engagement rings that have large or uniquely-shaped stones and rings that are vintage looking or antique can be tough to find the right wedding band to match.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Mother’s Day is a holiday that reminds us to celebrate the wonderful women who support, love, and guide us through this crazy thing called life. Everyone has a mother figure that has made a significant impact on their lives and deserves to be recognized on this day. What better gift to thank moms for all that they do for us than a gorgeous piece of jewellery for her to wear with pride.

Give your loved one a gift you know she will love, appreciate, and cherish for years to come. Here are our top picks for Mother’s Day 2019

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Men’s Wedding Bands: How to Choose the Right Ring

The expert guide to picking the perfect wedding band. 

bride and groom showing off wedding bands

Men’s wedding bands have only recently been cast into a bigger spotlight. Until now, the wedding ring hype surrounded the bride, seemingly leaving grooms out of the fun; but not anymore! We’ve noticed men’s wedding band styles changing drastically to include a variety of metals and designs! 

The groom’s band used to be chosen simply to match the bride-to-be’s ring, but, the band is so much more than just a matching accessory. The groom will wear this band almost every single day for the rest of his life and it is meant to symbolize the lifelong commitment being made. So, it’s only right that just as much time is spent making sure the groom has the perfect band. 

Men are starting to care a lot more about their wedding band and how it is styled, and we don’t blame them! With all the new styles and an abundance of choice coming out in the industry, it can be difficult now to narrow all the options down to a single choice.

So, if you’re engaged or considering a proposal, here are a few things to keep in mind while you search for your wedding band! 

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Men’s Wedding Band Trends for 2019

Wedding bands for the modern man have been taking a swift turn towards more fashionable and flashy styles in recent years. Gone are the days when the groom’s ring was a simple metal band of either silver or gold; 2019 is graciously opening the doors for more advanced and complicated styles – and we are here for it! Grooms are breaking down wedding band barriers by mixing up metals, textures, and adding in gems.

This week, we’re highlighting some of our favourite CrownRing wedding bands and giving you the low-down on the four biggest trends you can expect to see for men’s wedding rings in 2019.

Get ready to kiss the traditional flat, gold wedding band good-bye, guys!

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Celebrity Style Watch: The 61st Grammy Awards

Last Sunday (February 10), the 61st annual Grammy Awards were held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. 15-time Grammy winner and no-makeup stunner, Alicia Keys hosted the show for the first time. Hollywood’s most musical night of the year featured performances from the likes of Lady Gaga, Camila Cabello, Cardi B, Post Malone, Kacey Musgraves, and Canada’s very own, Shawn Mendes.

Music’s biggest night also highlighted some of the best fashion we’ve ever seen on a red carpet. From Janelle Monae’s stunning headpiece to Cardi B’s expressive gown, glitter, tulle, and many, many chic suits – the 2019 Grammy red carpet did not disappoint. And how did celebrities take their fashion moment over the top this year? With gorgeous jewellery.

We’ve picked out our top 3 favourite trends and the celebrities who we think rocked them best. With jewellery like this, going home with a Grammy was really only icing on top of an already very sparkly cake!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Love day is right around the corner! February 14th marks our favourite holiday of the year, and it’s almost here.

Valentine’s Day is a time of year that encourages all of us to do a little something extra to show our loved ones how much they truly mean to us. You don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy the holiday and spread some love; pick out something for your best friend, your mom, or treat yourself!

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite pieces available both in-store and online. We hope you’ll choose to spread the love with Edwards & Davies this Valentine’s Day.

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Congratulations to our Love Knot Contest Winners

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, 3 lucky winners have scored a Love Knot Bracelet for a loved one (or to keep for themselves!) Help us in congratulating our winners:

  • Allie Futterer – Silver Love Knot Bracelet
  • Freda O’Brien – Gold Love Knot Bracelet
  • Leanne Silver – Rose Gold Love Knot Bracelet

We hope our lucky winners enjoy their beautiful prizes!

Make sure to keep hitting refresh on our blog… a new gift guide is coming! For anyone who hasn’t picked out the perfect Love Day gift – this one is for you!

3 Easy Ways to Clean Jewellery at Home

Most of us are pretty vigilant when it comes to making sure our clothing and bedsheets are regularly washed and are clean for use, but our jewellery somehow gets left out of the equation. If you really think about it, your jewellery is something you wear almost every day – so why don’t we put the same effort into making sure our accessories are well-kept? Perhaps it is because we feel that if we want to clean our jewellery we will need to go out and pick up hard-to-find, expensive cleaning materials. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

There are plenty of surprisingly easy ways to clean your well-loved jewellery that only require items you likely already have (and are easy to find if you don’t!)

Don’t let your bling turn blah – keep reading to find out our expert tips for cleaning your jewellery at home using common household items.

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