Congratulations to Our Winners!

Congratulations to our winners of the Mother’s Day Necklace Giveaway:

Matthew Manley – Silver Necklace

Julia Ramsey – Rose Gold Necklace

Tina Connelly – Gold Necklace

Thanks to everyone who participated and made our contest such a success! We had a lot of fun, and plan on doing more contests just like this so stay tuned!

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and Happy Mother’s Day!

Win a Mother’s Day Necklace!

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we are doing a Facebook contest! We are giving away a Sterling Silver Bar necklace in one of three colours (silver, gold plated, and rose gold plated), including a personal engraving! To enter simply head over to our to our Facebook post, like it and comment the colour you would prefer! The winner will be announced on Facebook on May 1st.


Sterling silver engraveable bar necklacerose gold plated bar necklaceyellow gold plated silver bar necklace engraved

This contest is open to Ontario residents only.

Remember to like and follow our Facebook page to keep up with future contests and news from Edwards & Davies!

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What’s Trending – Oval Diamonds

White gold engagement ring oval diamond engagement ring antique style diamond halo engagement ring

Wedding season is approaching and one of the upcoming trends are oval cut diamond engagement rings. They give a bold statement with a lighter price tag than their round diamond counterparts. These diamonds have the ability to make the most elegant solitaire or can be framed beautifully in a halo. If you are looking into engagement rings or searching for ring ideas to drop some hints– we have some tips on how to evaluate and pick the perfect oval diamond. And chances are we just might have a few of those perfect ones in stock!


The Look

The oval diamond has a similar facet arrangement as the round diamond. Both are brilliant cuts which brings out a lot of sparkle but the oval has a more unique shape quality. An oval can give the impression of a larger diamond versus other shapes because of it’s long, slender profile. Unlike round diamonds which always need to be a perfect circle, an oval diamond’s shape can vary between short length with a wider mid section to a long length with a slender mid section.  This is referred to as the length to width ratio.   


Length to Width Ratio

The look of an oval diamond is purely based on preference however, there is a more appealing ratio for these diamonds. Length to width ratio measures exactly that, the length of the diamond versus the width of the diamond. A fuller, lower ratio diamond – 1.3 or lower – would be perfect for a solitaire diamond compared to a more elongated, higher ratio diamond – 1.7 or higher – that would be complemented with a pair of side stones. For comparison, a round diamond has a ratio of 1. In our opinion, a classic cut oval is usually around the 1.4 to 1.5 ratio mark.



Most oval diamonds have a quality called the bow-tie effect. To the naked eye this can look like an actual bow-tie inside of the diamond. But in jeweller terms, bow-ties refer to the amount of light that’s not bouncing back from the middle of the diamond because of the way the diamond is cut. This is not usually a characteristic that is listed on a diamond certificate but we will visually inspect bow-ties on all of our oval diamonds to determine the severity. A bow-tie can give the oval diamond a unique quality, but too severe of a bow-tie can take away it’s sparkle.


Some of our custom oval diamond engagement rings!

oval diamond solitaire engagement ring oval diamond halo white gold engagement ring white gold oval diamond engagement ring diamond band engagement ring diamond halo engagement ringwhite gold oval diamond engagement ring diamond halo engagement ring intricate diamond band detail


One more thing!

Diamonds don’t have to be the only thing oval shaped. Classic gemstones like these pieces below can also have a stunning oval shape:


White Gold Oval Opal and Diamond Halo Ring

oval opal diamond halo cluster ring white gold rg00548

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White Gold Oval Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring

Diamond Blue Topaz Ladies White Gold Cocktail Ring Gabirel LR5793W45BT-1

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White Gold Oval Sapphire Diamond Ring

oval blue sapphire antique style white gold tapered baguette diamond engagement ring promise ring rg00783

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Oval Amethyst and Diamond Gold Earrings

Checkerboard cut amethyst coloured stone gem stone february birthstone with round brilliant cut diamonds in 14k white gold with stud posts and omega backs

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White Gold Oval Emerald and Diamond Drop Earrings

oval green emerald diamond halo drop earrings white gold

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White Gold Oval Ruby and Diamond Drop Earrings

rop earrings oval red ruby july birthstone white gold diamond

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For more rings and earrings like these and more come check out our online store here!



Turning the Old Into New – Feature Jewellery Re-design Job

What to do with old jewellery? Maybe it’s a piece from your grandmother, an out of style item passed down from your great uncle, or even something you have already owned for a while and just aren’t feeling the look of it anymore. Don’t let it sit in your jewellery box and collect dust! We absolutely love getting old pieces of jewellery and making it into something modern and new. And you can too!

The options are endless when it comes to redesign. Maybe you have an idea or maybe you don’t. We can help with that. A ring doesn’t have to become another ring and a necklace doesn’t have to become another necklace. You can take the sentimental stones out of the jewellery and even repurpose the gold to put it into another piece. This makes it more modern and stylish but also holds on to the personal value of it!

The re-design page of our website (click here to see!) breaks down our entire process of turning an old piece of jewellery into new so, let’s follow the steps and check out the process we went through with this beautiful custom piece!


Step #1 – What do I have?

A customer came in with an old yellow gold diamond solitaire ring from his girlfriend’s family.

Step #2 – What can I do with it?

He wanted to use the diamond from the ring to make a sentimental engagement ring to surprise her with.

Step #3 – What will it look like?

The customer brought in photos of a new ring and we recreated it for him. After a design drawing and a wax model (this can take up to 1+ weeks), he was pleased with the new design!

Step #4 – Let’s make it!

The diamond was carefully removed. Gold was melted and credited towards the cost of the ring redesign for the customer. And after about 2+ weeks, the finished product was completed! 

Step #5 – Wohoo!

An absolutely stunning engagement ring using the same diamond from the old sentimental piece! And a wonderful surprise for his girlfriend…now fiancée!

Check it out!



before redesign old jewellery into new jewellery yellow gold diamond solitaire engagement ring



after redesign jewellery old jewellery into new jewellery rose gold diamond halo engagement ring  flower ring

The Perfect Proposal – 5 Tips to Make it Memorable

So you think you have found the one? That in itself is great news! But now what do you do? The bar has been set high by grand gestures of epic proposals all over the internet and chances are your significant other has an idea or two of what their fantasy ring and proposal will be like. So, look no further! We are here to help guide you in picking that perfect ring and creating that perfect proposal! It is a memory that you both will have forever so no matter what kind of gesture you are going for; you want to make it memorable. Memorable is the key word here!


  1. It’s important to make it important

Set this occasion aside as it’s own special day/evening. Of course people have proposed on holidays and there is nothing wrong with that, however, having a day on it’s own makes the event stand out and can make it more meaningful – like the proposal is a little holiday in itself. Makes it memorable! We also, believe it is important to do something that is in line with what your partner likes whether it be low key or extravagant. You want them to feel comfortable and you want to be comfortable.

  1. It never goes out of style to give the parents a heads up

Depending on the situation or relationship, having someone else in on the surprise is not only respectful but could also help you out in creating the perfect experience. It also makes the experience more memorable to have family and friends involved. But we would suggest keeping this inner circle small, too many people involved can heighten the chance of letting the cat out of the bag. The more of a surprise the better!

  1. Picking out a ring

Well in our opinion – this part is easy! You want a good memory of this experience and we make the engagement ring process seamless for you. Whether you have no idea at all or you are overloaded with information, we have ready made rings as well as the option to create a custom piece from your imagination. First, think about their personality and what suits them. This is a piece of jewellery they will be wearing every day. Second, to solidify your decision, you can ask a close friend or family member for input and they may help lock in a preference. Finally, there is no set amount to spend! Be comfortable and confident with your price range. Its about the thought going in to the ring and proposal and not the dollar signs. Browse some of our finished rings here or check out some of our custom work here

  1. Where to propose?

Pick a spot that has meaning to you both! Where you first met, your favourite weekend hangout or thing to do together, etc. You want something that symbolizes you both. Not only will it hold sentimental value, but chances are it’s somewhere or it’s something that you can have some predictability on and know what to expect. This eliminates any unwanted surprises and hopefully makes the process more comfortable for you. Also, make sure to dress your best and suitable for the place you pick. 

  1. What to say?

It never hurts to keep it short and sweet. If you drag on too long chances are they will get the hint and be waiting for that ring to appear. But if you cut to the chase, the moment could lose its appeal and seem insincere. Think of it more as a toast and not a speech. And most importantly if the moment fits, don’t forget to get down on one knee! It adds to the humility and memorability of the whole experience.


On a side note – be prepared for an immediate social press release to your closest family and friends as well as wedding planning itineraries commencing the very next day. But that’s a whole other story!

Ready, set, go! Good luck!

February is the month of Love…and Jewellery!

Let this month be the opportunity to show someone you love them or are thinking of them with a thoughtful gesture, a handwritten card, flowers, or better yet…jewellery! We know celebrating Valentines Day is not for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be a significant other on the receiving end – your mother, sister, best friend, cousin or even someone you know with a February birthday.

If you are in to the gift of glitter for that someone special (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love receiving something shiny!) we have created a little guide of Valentines Day gift ideas for the ones you love.

We have selected some featured items from our online store, to fit any budget and help get your gifting ideas rolling:


Pink Amethyst Rose Gold Drop Earrings – $260

These simple and trendy rose gold earrings feature February’s birthstone in a beautiful pink tone. Perfect for a February birthday or someone who loves all things rose and pink!

rose gold drop crystal earrings Pink amethyst

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10k White and Rose Gold Interlocked Heart Pendant Necklace – $190

A combination of white and rose gold featuring a small and large heart intertwined. Perfect as a gift for your mother, daughter or your significant other symbolizing the bond in that special relationship!

interlocked hearts pendant necklace 10k white and rose gold

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10k Yellow Gold Heart Pendant Necklace with Small Diamond – $180

A classic yellow gold necklace with a little diamond accent inside a heart. This simple style makes it a perfect gift for anyone you’re admiring!

heart pendant necklace with small diamond 10k yellow gold

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Sterling Silver Infinity Sign Pendant Necklace – $45

A simple necklace with a big meaning! Show her your love is eternal with this stylish sterling silver piece.

infinity sign pendant necklace n-1105 sterling silver

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14k Yellow Gold Garnet Gem Stone Solitaire Ring – $440

A bright red garnet featured in a simple yellow gold band. A elegant promise ring or an accent ring for someone special. This ring also perfectly accents any other stackable rings or stands out on its own!

gabriel and co stacking14k yellow gold garnet january birthstone solitaire ring LR5680Y4JGN-1

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Sterling Silver 8mm Fashion Ball Bracelet – $135

This bracelet is stylish on its own or paired with other bracelets or bangles to add some serious fashion to your wrist. A simple every day gift for a friend, cousin, sister or anyone you love! This item also comes in 4mm, 6mm and 10mm ball bracelets. 

Sterling silver 8mm bead ball fashion bracelet modern style

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10k Yellow Gold Large Floating Heart Necklace – $325

This necklace is a true symbol of love featuring a large gold heart floating on a chain.  For white gold lovers this necklace is also available in white gold!

Large Floating Heart Necklace in 10k yellow gold

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10k Yellow Gold Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace – $325

This necklaces represents two hearts as one featuring a diamond encrusted heart within a silhouette of a gold heart. How romantic!

diamond heart pendant necklace yellow gold

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10k White Gold Hoop Glitter Earrings – $185

These solid hoops come in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold! They feature an intricate laser cutting design to emulate the sparkle of diamonds. A perfect gift for anyone who loves a little glitter accent!

laser cut hoop earrings 1550 white gold glitter sparkle

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10k White and Yellow Gold Interlocking Circles Pendant Necklace – $220

A beautiful combination of white and yellow gold in a necklace that showcases two interlocking circles symbolizing an everlasting love and bond. 

interlocking circles pendant necklace 10k white and yellow gold

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Come check out our new online store where these items and all items site wide (excludes engagement rings, antiques, clearance items and pre-owned watches) are available now for a Valentines promotion of 15% off! Valid until February 14, 2018 at midnight! Please use discount code “LOVE” at checkout.

Happy Shopping!