Historical Jewellery That Changed the World

Every now and again, a visionary comes along and shakes up their industry.

Leonardo da Vinci. Thomas Edison. Martin Scorsese… Beyoncé.

This is not the case for fine jewellery. While jewellers can be renowned for their craftsmanship and style, it is more often the jewellery pieces themselves or the people wearing them, that leave their mark upon history.

Given this, exquisite jewellery can shape our sense of beauty and leave the world with a new definition of art or fashion.

So, in favour of celebrating the best of the best, here are some of our favourite historical jewellery that has changed the world for the better!

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2020 Styling Guide for Men’s Jewelry

For a lot of men, wearing jewellery isn’t a natural component of their style. 

Once reserved for the allusive and mysterious male, such as the likes of Johnny Depp or Keith Richards, jewellery has been breaking into mainstream culture. Playing a growing role in both high-fashion and everyday street clothing, there is no better time for men to up their fashion game! 

However, when it comes to experimenting with your own style, there is a fine line between Flava-Flav and Jason Momoa. 

To ensure you’re not hitting any fashion faux-pas, we will take you over the best styling tips for men’s jewellery this year.

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Earrings!


The quintessential gift between couples for the entirety of written history. In fact, JewelStreet finds that 58% of women prefer to receive jewellery as a gift over other traditional alternatives, such as chocolate.

Among those who responded, Earrings were at the top jewellery item requested! But with so many couples receiving earrings, it can easily become cliché. Luckily, you can avoid this by knowing your significant other’s style. 

Being around for almost 75 years, Edwards & Davies has learned a thing or two about gifting the perfect set of earrings. But what would the Season of Giving be without sharing our secrets! 

Here is the ultimate gift guide for purchasing earrings this season!  

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Bracelets

Accessories are like Lays Potato Chips; you can’t have just one!

For those of those still searching for the perfect last-minute gift, this simple fact means you’re not out of the race yet!

This week we are going to be focusing on bracelets and the indescribable joy they instill in their wearers. Bracelets are simply extraordinary in the way they can complement an outfit, or shoot a look through the stratosphere.

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Necklaces!

Oh, the holidays!

What a spectacular time of the year. Filled with joyous celebrations of family, food, and relaxa – Oh no… You forgot to get a gift! What will do you do!? There is no time!!!

Don’t you fret! Edwards & Davies has your back with the Ultimate Gift Guides for Necklaces!

We’ll get you the perfect gift, guaranteed to shock and amaze your loved one this Christmas season. No matter your budget, and no matter your style, we have a necklace to suit your significant other’s personality!

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Purchasing the Perfect Engagement Ring for Christmas

We love this time of year. The snow, though a little early this year, creates a homey, gentle vibe. People around the world are getting ready to celebrate holidays, and families are preparing for yearly get-togethers. This season is also a great time to reflect on our past year, our relationships, and our future

This culmination of warm spirits and love makes Christmas one of the most spectacular times to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage. If you’re ready to make this big step, but are lost in all the particulars of engagement ring shopping, we don’t blame you! 

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Love-Inspired Custom Jewellery

There is no love stronger and more special than that of a Mother. They are the person who brings you into this world. Mothers are your friends. Your consigliere. Your confidant. And your family. With how much Mothers do for us, most can only hope to give back a sliver of gratitude in comparison to their commitment. It is through this special bond that we were contacted to create some Mother-inspired custom jewellery. 


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