The Ultimate Gift Guide for Earrings!


The quintessential gift between couples for the entirety of written history. In fact, JewelStreet finds that 58% of women prefer to receive jewellery as a gift over other traditional alternatives, such as chocolate.

Among those who responded, Earrings were at the top jewellery item requested! But with so many couples receiving earrings, it can easily become cliché. Luckily, you can avoid this by knowing your significant other’s style. 

Being around for almost 75 years, Edwards & Davies has learned a thing or two about gifting the perfect set of earrings. But what would the Season of Giving be without sharing our secrets! 

Here is the ultimate gift guide for purchasing earrings this season!  

For The Hipster

If you’re loved one is anything but the ordinary! If they are enthralled by the outdoors and inspired by nature, these earrings are for her! Simple, yet evocative, these 14k yellow gold pieces have a fun and playful vibe. 

Perfect everyday jewellery for the girl who doesn’t want to be like anyone else!

If yellow gold isn’t their favourite, these options are luckily available in both white and rose gold. 

Our Picks:

Yellow Gold Lightning Bolt Studs

14k yellow gold lighting bold stud earrings

Yellow Gold Crescent Moon Studs

14k yellow gold crescent moon stud earrings

For The Elegant

Looking for something with a little more pizzazz? We’ve got you covered with modern and trendy designs made to turn heads. Suitable for both casual nights out and elaborate events, these earrings can be worn everywhere!

However, just because you’re acting casual doesn’t mean you can’t be original. So for the sake of mixing things up, we are featuring both a set of hoops and threader style earrings. These sets make a bold statement without being distracting from the true beauty of the wearer! 

Our Picks

White & Rose Gold Hoops

two tone gold hoop earrings 10k white gold rose gold hoop earrings white gold outside rose gold inside hoop earrings

White Gold Chain Threader

10k white gold threader chain bar earrings

For The Bedazzled

For some, there is nothing better than shimmering precious stones. And with so many combinations, it can be hard to pick! For our recommendations, we hope to have your loved one glowing as much as the earrings. 

To keep life interesting, we are featuring uniquely designed climbers that create a wave of shimmer as you turn through light. 

Since luminance is important for the bedazzled, we couldn’t think of a better set than these white and rose gold tanzanite studs with glimmering diamond halos. Pay careful attention to the beautiful and ornate filigree backs. The detail is incredible! 

Our Picks:

 White Gold & Diamond Branch Climbers

14k White Gold Diamond Branch Earcuffs Climber Earrings Gabriel EG12935W45JJ-1

White & Rose Gold Tanzanite Studs

tanzanite diamond halo stud earrings 14k white and rose gold

For The Dainty

Not all jewellery has to scream a statement and blind with its luminosity. Sometimes the simple things in life have the greatest impact. 

For the minimalists in your life, sticking to time-honoured styles will get you more brownie points than going above and beyond. This is why we wanted to share some of our more traditional designs. 

First up on the docket is a set of classic solitaire diamonds studs. Not only are diamonds a girl’s best friend, but the design will never retire. 

Our next choice is a twist on a classic look. Polished gold hoops with a modern fasten on the back encapsulate your ear without having an overbearing feel or style. 

Diamond Solitaire Studs

stud earrings 14k white gold diamond

Yellow Gold Circle Wrap Earrings

10k yellow gold hoop earrings yellow gold front and back closure hoop earrings

Still Can’t Decide?

Don’t worry if our picks haven’t inspired you. With hundreds of different styles, colours, and stone combinations in-store and online, we guarantee you’ll find a piece that will be cherished for a lifetime!

We can even help you design custom earrings, giving your gift a non-replicable personal touch!  

Call us today to make your dream gift a reality!

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