The Ultimate Gift Guide for Bracelets

Accessories are like Lays Potato Chips; you can’t have just one!

For those of those still searching for the perfect last-minute gift, this simple fact means you’re not out of the race yet!

This week we are going to be focusing on bracelets and the indescribable joy they instill in their wearers. Bracelets are simply extraordinary in the way they can complement an outfit, or shoot a look through the stratosphere.

Pair them up, wear them on their own! There are no holds barred when it comes to wrist accessories.

Whether it’s an everyday dainty bracelet or an exquisite piece of wearable art – bracelets are beautiful.

As with our past Gift Guides, we want to provide a variety of suggestions so that you can know you’re purchasing the perfect present for your partner in crime!

Without further ado, we present you this year’s top picks!

For the Bold

We understand the love of all things dainty. But, if you’re asking us, we admire the bold! It may be our professional bias, but bracelets are meant to express yourself!

For the significant others that create waves whenever they enter the room, they’re going to need a bracelet that exudes confidence as much as their personality.  

Swanky, posh, and upscale. These pieces provide the wearer with an aura of elegance and high-class.

Combining modern looks with vintage ornate details, both of these bracelets will command attention and draw eyes.

Starting with an Art Deco-styled 18k white gold bracelet fit for a Queen, and finishing with a snazzy encrusted diamond puzzle link piece. Both masterpieces in their unique ways!                                                                                                             

Our Picks:

Art Deco Diamond Bracelet

Vintage inspired 18k white gold diamond art deco style bracelet

Gold & Diamond Puzzle Link Bracelet

Diamond tennis link bracelet in two tone 18k yellow and white gold with diamond accents



For the Bracelet Addict

Let’s be honest. Some of us might have a problem with hoarding jewellery.

Every outfit features some sort of bracelet combination, ending up resembling a cat with a bell around its neck. At least you won’t lose us? Right?

If this reminds you of your significant other, you’re in luck! Our picks for addicts won’t break the budget, but no one is saying you need to buy just one! (Wink, wink)

Our first pick is a light and airy rose gold chain bracelet. Not overpowering and does a great job of accenting other pieces. Following along with minimal design is a slim and dainty silver knot bracelet, perfect for resembling love and togetherness.

Our Picks:

Rose Gold Circle Chain Bracelet
14k rose gold circle chain bracelet



Silver Knot Bangle Bracelet

 For the Love of Gold

If you feel like your spirit animal is Johan Van Der Smut from Austin Power’s Goldmember, we don’t blame you.

There is something mystical about gold. The unforgettable glow. The reflective surface we can’t draw our eyes away from. It’s simply mesmerizing.

But, don’t feel shamed for your romance with gold. In fact, we’re here to celebrate this affair!

Wrapping up this year, we pulled our team together to vote on the best gold bracelets in house. First choice was given to the stunning 14k gold and diamond swirl bracelet. Exquisite and stylish, this bracelet helps amp up the gold sheen by using a plethora of diamonds to refract light throughout the entire piece.

Hard to beat, our second choice takes a different direction, yet still provides the bling that you yearn. This bracelet spotlights beautifully woven gold strands, held together by shimmering beaded links. And we haven’t even mentioned the best feature – the matching necklace!

Our Picks:


Yellow Gold & Diamond Swirl Bracelet

Diamond swirl style large width tennis bracelet in 14k yellow gold


Yellow Gold Fancy Link Bracelet


yellow gold bracelet yellow gold woven bracelet yellow gold fancy link bracelet

For the Classics

There is something to be said about a look that never fades. Standing the test of time, vintage design is what we live for! While there is certainly a lot of modern-day pieces to fall in love with, we felt it necessary to pay homage to the classics.

Shown here are two spectacular options for individuals that continue to define sophistication. Elegant and swanky, white gold and sterling silver have never looked so good.

Our first choice features 8mm sterling silver beads, strung into a form-hugging bracelet perfect for any occasion. Following up, our second choice is a juxtaposition of the first. Whatever your preferred style, these bracelets can match every outfit you can throw together!

Our Picks:

Ball Bead Bracelet


Sterling silver 8mm bead ball fashion bracelet modern style


Gold & Diamond Station Tennis Bracelet


18k white gold tennis bracelet with gold square framed round diamonds and gold rectangle bars

Still Not Inspired?

If none of our suggestions have hit the nail on the head, fear not! Edwards and Davies has plenty of variety at both our brick and mortar store on Danforth and on our website!

Constantly being updated, you are sure to find a bracelet that suits your loved one’s style and personality. Our staff can even help bring your vision into reality, by narrowing on a particular part of their personality.

If you want a piece like none other, we can even assist in designing and crafting custom bracelet designs made from the heart.

Happy Holidays, Readers! And good luck shopping!


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