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Professionally repaired in a timely fashion.  From simple ring sizing to re-building or restoration; rest assured that every step of the repair process is handled by our experienced professionals.

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Whether your ring does not fit anymore or you just want to wear your ring on a different finger or hand, you can have your ring re-sized to fit. Anytime we size a ring, we also check any stone settings for wear and re-finish the ring to new. Pricing will vary depending on scope of sizing, thickness of the ring, type of metal and number of stones that a ring has which may need adjustments.  


Almost every type of jewellery is susceptible to damage. You may have a necklace that is broken, a crack in a ring, a broken link in your bracelet or a set of earrings that have come apart. Soldering is a standard repair process that in most cases will not be noticeable once the repair is complete.

Whenever we solder your jewellery, the piece will be completely inspected for any wear or impending breaks in all areas.  For more delicate pieces, we also offer in-house laser soldering.  

Claw or Prong Re-tipping

 Although the precious metals that are used to make all different types of jewellery are strong, they do start to wear over the years. The claws and prongs that hold the stones and diamonds in place are made very small for aesthetic purposes and are usually in a place that takes the brunt of the wear.  Therefore, they need to be tended to by a goldsmith every couple of years to ensure that your gemstones and diamonds are safe. If you are unsure whether you need this service, drop by anytime for a free quote.

New Shanks  

In the same way that claws and prongs can wear away, the shank (the bottom half of the ring) also takes a lot of wear. Over time, the shank of a ring can become thin and the ring itself can take on an oval or egg like shape due to the lack of strength left in the worn gold shank. In many cases, the effect of the oval and egg shape also leads to stone loss because the claws and prongs are pulled apart as the ring changes shape.  A simple fix in this case is to make a new bottom and replace the worn one. Once complete, there is no visible evidence that a repair has been done.

Parts Replacement

Jewellery often has moveable parts that take significantly more wear than the rest of the piece. Examples of parts are clasps on necklaces and bracelets, backings on earrings, etc. There are also areas on a piece of jewellery that can take a lot of friction due to movement and may need replacement. Examples are an earring post, a pendant bale (the part that the chain goes through) and small rings that attach clasps to a piece of jewellery. Inspection of your jewellery by our staff is always complimentary.

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