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Watch batteries need to be replaced on a yearly basis, although some batteries can last longer depending on the complexity of the watch and the strain that is put on the battery.  In most cases, batteries are replaced on the spot while you wait.  Some watches are more difficult and will be changed by our master watchmaker in a short period of time.  If your watch has stopped completely, it is likely the battery.  If your watch is not keeping the correct time, it may be a mechanical issue.


It is recommended that every 5 years, a watch undergoes an overhaul: a complete disassembly of the watch, re-oiling of the parts and adjustment to make sure the watch will keep the correct time. Mechanical watches, which include automatic and manual wind watches, have several moving parts.  In order to function properly, every moving part is oiled to ensure that friction does not cause the parts to wear away.  This oil eventually dries up and the moving parts of the watch can start to incur damage. Once an overhaul is complete, a one-year warranty is included.

Crystal Replacement

A very common issue with wristwatches is the tendency for the crystals (the glass that covers the top of the watch) to become scratched or cracked.  They are often constructed of glass or plastic and aren’t as durable as the rest of the watch.  Sometimes the scratches on a crystal can be polished away but in most cases, replacement is necessary.  Once polished or replaced, the fine details and design of the watch face will once again be visible.

Watch Case Refinishing

Like any piece of jewellery, a watch case (the framing around the crystal) and bracelet will show signs of wear over time.  This can range from scratches on the metal, plating wearing away, or a broken leather strap.  Almost any watch can be refinished.  The methods vary depending on the material of the watch but if you’re no longer wearing a watch because it looks so worn, a free estimate can be obtained to determine whether refinishing is the right solution for you.

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