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Professionally repaired in a timely fashion.  From simple ring sizing to re-building or restoration; rest assured that every step of the repair process is handled by our experienced professionals.

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General Polishing 

You love your jewellery and wear it almost every day but lately you’ve noticed it is looking a little bit dull. Polishing can really bring back the shine of the metal to the way it looked when it was new. Bracelets and rings are especially vulnerable to scuffs and scratches because your hands are always brushing up against everyday objects.  We offer this service in-house and in a timely manner.  

Rhodium Plating

If your jewellery is made of white gold, the metal will usually show a slight hint of yellow where the most wear is taking place. This is due to the fact that pure gold is very yellow. Mixing pure gold with white alloys to make white gold can still leave the piece with a light shade of yellow.  To make white gold appear even whiter, a precious metal called rhodium is plated over the entire piece.  This can be re-applied as many times as needed and is a fairly simple process that will bring back the shine and life to your jewellery.

Removing Stain 

Staining on your jewellery can happen for a number of reasons. With sterling silver, a process called oxidization can occur when the copper (which is alloyed in sterling silver to add strength) reacts with air.  This will create a surface layer of tarnish that can be easily removed without doing damage to your jewellery.  Gold can also tarnish due to copper or other alloys within it that are affected by air.  The same process is applied to remove staining or tarnish without any damage to the piece of jewellery.

Stone cleaning

Everyday wear affects the gemstones and diamonds in your jewellery.  In most cases, a buildup of hand lotions and soaps are the cause of loss of sparkle in your gemstones and diamonds. This can be cared for with regular home cleaning but, if left for too long, it may require our cleaning equipment and solutions to completely remove any build up.  You are welcome to bring in your jewellery to be cleaned while you wait, free of charge.  You can also take home our complimentary jewellery cleaner to keep your pieces looking great.

Stone re-cutting

You might notice that the gemstones or diamonds in your jewellery don’t seem to be clean or have enough sparkle even though you’ve given it your best effort to clean them. Gemstones and even diamonds can be chipped and abraded over time due to incorrect storage or just general wear (usually in the case of rings). The process of re-cutting can be a very minor job to just remove small chips or abrading. It can also be a more intensive job by reshaping the stone, which can dramatically increase the quality and sparkle of your gemstone or diamond.


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