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Making custom jewellery can be an easy, enjoyable and affordable process. At Edwards and Davies, you will be consulting with a team who has the ability and extensive knowledge to transform your ideas into a finished ring, in a way that is comfortable and hands-on. Your participation in the customization process will vary on the level of involvement you choose and the complexity of the ring. This can all be determined at the first “in person” meeting or via email when an image is provided. Check out our gallery of custom wedding jewellery for some examples of our work!

Step #1

The Decision

This is the first step of the custom ring making process. At this point, you either have some pictures saved on your phone, some words like “halo” or “solitaire” saved in your head, or you have no idea what to do or where to start. Whatever stage you’re in, don’t panic, this is exactly where you’re supposed to start. Step one can be as easy as emailing us some images and input to get the ball rolling or bringing what you have, or don’t have, into the store so we can talk about some designs, look at a variety of finished rings and start narrowing the field to come up with a design that you like.

Step #2

The Mock-Up

At this point, you’ve given us enough input to draw up a design. We’ll take this design and create a 3D model in our CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. Once the computer model is complete, we will be able to use a 3D printer and make a physical model of the ring.

Step #3

The Inspection

We need you back again! This time you get to see your design come to life. You will be inspecting a physical model of exactly what the finished product could look like. At this stage, you can begin to fine tune the design.

Once any adjustments are made, we make another model for your inspection. Once the model is perfected, we move to step 4!

Step #4

The Creation

We now need to turn the model into a finished, beautiful ring. This involves casting the ring in the metal of your choice, setting the stones and/or diamonds and polishing the ring until it is perfect.

The final stage is an inspection that covers the finish, stone setting and durability. Voila! The ring is now ready for your final inspection which brings us to the final step in the process!

Step #5

The Reveal

Time to get excited! You’ll now be looking at the finished ring. You will be inspecting and making sure the ring is exactly what you saw and loved in the model from the previous steps.

Mostly, you’ll be happy the ring is perfect and starting to realize that you need to come up with a creative way to get down on one knee; this part is important too…Good Luck!

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