2020 Styling Guide for Men’s Jewelry

For a lot of men, wearing jewellery isn’t a natural component of their style. 

Once reserved for the allusive and mysterious male, such as the likes of Johnny Depp or Keith Richards, jewellery has been breaking into mainstream culture. Playing a growing role in both high-fashion and everyday street clothing, there is no better time for men to up their fashion game! 

However, when it comes to experimenting with your own style, there is a fine line between Flava-Flav and Jason Momoa. 

To ensure you’re not hitting any fashion faux-pas, we will take you over the best styling tips for men’s jewellery this year.


Starting off, we will be discussing the piece of jewellery plenty of men already have experience with: Cufflinks.

One of the smallest pieces of jewellery available to men, cufflinks are a great introduction to adding spice to your life. 

Usually worn with French cuff dress shirts, this pseudo-button is a phenomenal eye-catcher without having to be a trend-master. 

For the most effective look, we recommend pairing cufflinks to your personality. As they are a minute element to any get-up, wearers can easily get away with inventive styles without coming across as ostentatious.

mens cufflinks french dress shirt brass and silver BC029-2 Watch movement watch part
Take, for instance, our featured choice, incredibly modern and intricate Watch Movement Cuff Links.



But don’t worry! Bracelets for men have been part of culture ever since expressing yourself has been part of our nature… So, basically forever.

For 2020, there are two favoured looks men can achieve with bracelets. First, would be your casual everyday rustic wear. And no, you don’t have to be a scotch-swirling, tattoo-layered, bearded hipster to pull this off. Just throw on a well-fitted white tee and you’ll be turning heads in no time! 

This style of bracelet is usually made of leather, suede, wood, or beads, and are pivotal for creating the devil-may-care rock star aura.

Match a few that you enjoy, and stack them up. For interested men, completing the look with an equally rugged necklace will have you oozing Debonair. Don’t let the term “every day” stifle your creativity. The earthy tones associated with this look are a fantastic match for a navy blue suit or other complementing-coloured dress clothes. Like below, just make sure they complement your watch!

The second look is a lot more, how should we say… GQ! Amping up the sheen, sterling silver, yellow and white gold, and other precious metals are what make this style pop. These can include link bracelets, woven, metal bands, you name it!

Modern mens fancy link heavy bracelet in 10k white gold


Here we have a classic White Gold Fancy Link bracelet that speaks volumes towards both power and reservation. Perfect for the à la mode businessman.


Stepping back into a traditionally reserved portion of male fashion, rings are often only used for symbols of achievement. Think NBA championship, tying the knot, or even Engineering graduates. 

But let’s do away with that tradition. Who said you needed to achieve greatness to look good? 

Much like bracelets, rings can either transform you into looking like a business mogul or the latest Hollywood heartthrob. 

Luckily, the difference between these looks is easily discernable. Bold and large-faced rings are going to be the go-to choice for extravagant outings. Plenty of men seem to prefer that these rings are made of traditional yellow gold with the possibility of precious stones, however, blaze your own trails if a ring seems right for you.

diamond white gold mens ring with lapis lazuli

Take for instance this Lapis Lazuli topped ring. Vibrant in colour, the style provides a certain magnetism without coming across as cliché, as one might with a potentially gaudy hunk of yellow gold. 

For men looking to instil rings into their daily fashion, look for non-distracting and lighter pieces. Rings like titanium, tungsten, palladium, and silver are all fantastic bands that can also feature unique designs but still provide evocative statements.

Pairing Fashion and Jewellery

Plenty of men have trouble coordinating and often would like direction, but are too shy to ask. 

Whatever it may be – Don’t stress it! We got you covered with some style quick-tips. 

Yellow Gold

  • The yellow pairs perfectly with earthy tones. Think Royal Blue or Forrest Greens. 
  • A traditional style that complements professional and casual looks
  • Beware of different shades of gold as white and rose shifts complementary colours

Silver, Titanium, and Chrome

  • Neutral in the realm of colour theory
  • Can suit all looks from the office to home
  • Pair with black or charcoal tones for contrast and mystery


  • Once reserved for the rebellious, leather jewelry has transitioned to casual airy get-ups. 
  • Earthy tones are preferred, but avoid clothes that are very close in colour. 
  • Avoid metal studs (Unless you’re Gene Simmons.)

General Tips

  • Wear your pieces when it works. Don’t force an outfit that doesn’t feel right. 
  • Don’t overload your look. Wearing too much jewellery can look braggadocios or self-involved.
  • Save your best for when you need to look your best. Knowing when and where to sport different jewellery is the difference between having Bling and looking Dapper.

What About the Rest of Jewellery? 

Wondering where the watches, necklaces, and tie clips were left? Don’t we need to know the specifics? 

If you’re still looking for tips on the rest of your wardrobe, don’t fret! We will have Part two out to you shortly, covering the rest of our style tips for 2020! 

If you’re not eager to wait, feel free to stop by our store on the Danforth or visit our male jewellery selection to see what’s in our inventory. 

Keep in mind that we update regularly and are always excited to make custom pieces! 

See you on the next post!

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