Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Series: Birthstone Edition

Birthstones refer to the ancient idea that specific gemstones accompany one’s birth month. Each birthstone has a unique meaning and historical significance behind it that you might be surprised by. These gems date way back; birthstones are mentioned in the Bible and they were worn by ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, and Romans. Back then, it was widely believed that gemstones had incredible powers such as the ability to boost wearers’ luck, health, or prosperity. It was thought that wearing the gemstone during its assigned month would heighten the power.

Birthstone jewellery has remained a favourite for ages; popularity continuing to rise steadily due to the desire to wear or gift something that is both beautiful and has personal significance to the wearer. You don’t need to be a history major or a gemstone expert to find the perfect birthstone gift; here at Edwards & Davies, we’ve done all the hard work for you! Not only are birthstones gorgeous, but they also add that extra special sense of personalization to the gift of fine jewellery.

Keep reading for the low-down on every birthstone and our top picks from the E&D inventory!

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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Series: For the Trendsetter

Trendsetter [noun]: someone who leads the way in fashion or ideas.

We all have a trendsetter in our lives; fearless, magnetic, and undeniably cool. Trendsetters are always one step ahead, and their names are always on the guest list. We admire them not only for their amazing sense of style and fashion-forwardness but also for their magnificent inner beauty and brains!

While we truly do love the trendsetter in our lives, they can be difficult to pick out gifts for! What do you get the person who has everything? This gift guide is full of Edwards & Davies newest pieces, meaning your trendsetter would be the first to have one! What is more trend-setting than being the first to rock a new piece of bling?

If you have a friend who started rocking gold layered chokers months before that look hit red carpets, finding her the perfect accessory might be tricky. Don’t fret, we have you covered! Keep reading for our ~ hottest ~ new A-list pieces, perfect for gifting this holiday season.

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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: On a Budget

While the holiday season is supposed to be filled with all things merry and bright, it can also put a major strain on your bank account and cause a lot of headaches. Between buying presents for your entire extended family, your favourite coworkers, and everyone else in between, your bank account can start taking a dreaded nosedive toward the negatives. Finding the perfect gift for a loved one can be problematic enough during the hectic moments of holiday shopping, but adding in the overwhelming pressure of staying within budget is enough to send anyone into that boring gift-card-giving rut.

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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Significant Other Edition

Your significant other. You wouldn’t admit it in front of your mom, but your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband is really the most important person on your list. Whether you’ve only been dating for a few months, or you’ve long since passed over your first wedding anniversary, Christmas time is always special between the two of you. Your traditions might be different, between setting up the Christmas tree, attending holiday parties, baking snowman cookies, or going on a family hike, but the important thing is that you do all of your favourite holiday activities together.

When it comes down to buying your special someone a gift, you want whatever you choose to be a symbol of how much they mean to you. The best way to say, “I love you,” and make that permanent, is by choosing a gift that will last for years.

Every piece from Edwards & Davies fine jewellery is a gift that will keep giving! Show your special someone how much you truly appreciate and care for them by gifting them something timeless that they can enjoy for many years to come.

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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Luxury Edition

There comes a time in every relationship when you need to step your game up. Maybe it’s your mom’s 50th birthday, or your 5 year anniversary with your wife. Whichever milestone you are crossing, it goes without saying that NOW is the time to pull out all the stops!

Jewellery might seem like a fail-safe option for a major event like Christmas, but luxury jewellery is always a treat, no matter what the occasion is. While inexpensive watches and cutesy jewellery may have gotten you this far with your special someone, it might be about time to turn the dial up a notch! We are talking about precious stones and pure metals – luxury items that show your loved one exactly how much you care.

If you are ready to send a strong message this holiday season, and you’re ready to climb up the price ladder, these luxury pieces are sure to secure a home run!

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Sneak Peek!! Black Friday and Cyber Monday Weekend Sale

One week today marks the kick off to holiday shopping season and we have some great deals lined up to celebrate! Edwards and Davies will be featuring a weekend long Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale on select items in store and online. These perfect gift ideas include: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, diamond studs, and much more!

We can’t wait to share the full list of shiny pieces that will be discounted! Just to give you an idea of what is up for grabs and to get excited to do some shopping, here is a sneak peek of some items that what will be going on sale:


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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

As the holiday gift-buying season is about to begin ramping up, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the last person to get checked off your list is your husband, brother, father, or son. Deciding on gifts for the men in your life – gifts that they will truly appreciate – can be a big challenge. The jewellery store is likely not even on your radar; however, it can be a jackpot in terms of gift shopping this season.

Men’s jewellery is (finally) having its moment! This year we have seen more and more men taking to the streets sporting bold rings, sophisticated watches, and chain necklaces. As the era of men sporting simple wedding bands and nothing else comes to an end, so does the belief that jewellery is only for women.

If you are ready to shop for a special man in your life, step up his style game with a jewellery piece that will also boost his confidence. This gift guide will suggest some of the best – and most wearable – men’s jewellery pieces with our tips on how to help the men in your life style them. Keep in mind that men’s jewellery will work best when you select understated, simple pieces that can work with a range of looks.

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