How to Properly Care For and Store Fine Jewellery

side view of a 3 stone engagement ringDid you get something sparkling this holiday season? Not sure how to properly take care of your new gems? This is the blog for you!

Fine jewellery is both an emotional and financial investment. To make the most of your investment and ensure you can enjoy the beauty of your fine jewellery for years to come, it is of the utmost importance to understand how to properly care for and store your pieces. You should be aware that certain gemstones and metals are specially treated and will require unique care methods. Your jeweller should provide you with information on how to treat your piece at the time of purchase.

For proper care of your fine jewellery, here are a few things to be aware of


The same way overexposure to sunlight can harm our skin, heat and light can damage certain gemstones. Pearls risk bleaching and peeling, the colour of amethyst and topaz can fade, and opal might darken if exposed to too much sun. To remove any doubt of causing deterioration to your fine jewellery, store your pieces in a dark pouch or a closed jewellery case when they are not being worn.


Exposure to chemicals, even those that are commonly found in household items and cleaners like ammonia and bleach can cause damage to both metal and gemstone jewellery. This includes chemicals that are worn on the body in products like hairspray, perfume, or lotion. Chemical exposure can deteriorate and dull the shine and colour of stones and metals. To keep your fine jewellery safe from chemicals and prolong their new-looking appearance, make it a habit to put on any lotions, scents, and hair products 10-20 minutes BEFORE you put on your jewellery to allow for the skin to absorb the product, and remove your jewellery prior to swimming or using any type of household cleaner.

Storing Fine Jewellery

jewelry in a jewelry box

Fine jewellery should never be discarded haphazardly into a drawer or box. If you are not careful, your pieces could get accidentally scratched or damaged. Most jewellery will come in a lined pouch or box at the time of purchase; these are perfectly acceptable for storage. It is often recommended that jewellery you do not wear on a daily basis (not your wedding ring or favourite earrings) be stored in the original packaging and placed into a secured safe.

Jewellery boxes that are lined – especially those lined with anti-tarnish cloth – are perfect for storing sterling silver pieces. Boxes with padded, felt-lined slots for rings, necklaces, and earrings will keep your jewellery organized, safe from damage, and clean.

Note: opal and pearls are unique are require special attention! These organic gems draw moisture from the air, which means storing them in an enclosed safe or lockbox is not a great idea. Instead, store your pearls and opals in their own compartment of your jewellery box or within a protective pouch that does not lock out air. The absolute best way to keep pearls looking new is simply to wear them! You’ve heard the saying, “pearls want to be worn” – it’s true! Pearls will naturally absorb moisture from the oils on your skin and the air around you, which helps to keep them looking fresh and lustrous.

Seek Advice from Professionals

Your jeweller should have extensive knowledge of proper care and storage methods for each piece that they stock. If you are ever unsure or have questions regarding the maintenance of your fine jewellery, be sure to visit your jeweller and seek professional advice. Most jewellers offer maintenance services that will inspect for any damages, tighten settings that might have come loose, file out deep scratches or dents, and polish your fine jewellery to give it a brand-new, clean look. We recommend having your fine jewellery checked for service every 1-2 years.

Here at Edwards & Davies, we have over 70 years of fine jewellery knowledge, and we would be happy to check and service any of your fine jewellery pieces, as well as answer any questions you might have regarding the maintenance of your Edwards & Davies purchases. Contact us to see how we can help!




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