Men’s Wedding Band Trends for 2019

Wedding bands for the modern man have been taking a swift turn towards more fashionable and flashy styles in recent years. Gone are the days when the groom’s ring was a simple metal band of either silver or gold; 2019 is graciously opening the doors for more advanced and complicated styles – and we are here for it! Grooms are breaking down wedding band barriers by mixing up metals, textures, and adding in gems.

This week, we’re highlighting some of our favourite CrownRing wedding bands and giving you the low-down on the four biggest trends you can expect to see for men’s wedding rings in 2019.

Get ready to kiss the traditional flat, gold wedding band good-bye, guys!

Black Diamonds

The traditional white diamond has been appearing on men’s wedding bands for some time now, despite once being reserved for the bride’s engagement ring. In 2019, you can expect to see a twist on the classic diamond – the black diamond. Black diamonds are a subtle, masculine alternative to the classic diamond and a trendy way to add extra brilliance and sophistication to the groom’s wedding band.




Mixed Metals

Why choose only one gorgeous metal when you can have two? Or three?! Fusions of metals with different textures and colours are becoming ever more popular in the wedding band industry. While mixing yellow and white gold will always be a classic pairing, even more unconventional metals are finding their way into the wedding band mix – and giving you plenty more variety to choose from!  Two and three-tone pieces have more metals to match with other jewellery and accessories, so you can create many versatile looks with just a simple band.

Textural Details

Texture-heavy pieces offer a welcome shift away from smooth, sleek finishing of more traditional wedding bands.  From etched and hammered to finer milgrain details – 2019 is already seeing an emergence of bands with gorgeous surface textures. The textural movement is a massive moment for men’s wedding bands and one we are happy to welcome! An added bonus (as if you needed one), certain textures can help to mask or hide minor nicks and scratches that are associated with daily wear!

Rose Gold

Rose gold has been rising in popularity for its use in female wedding bands and rings over the past couple years, but more recently we’ve noticed the trend emerging in the men’s section, too! With more and more brides opting for the gorgeous rose colour, it was only a matter of time before matching options for the grooms started coming out. By nature, rose gold has a special softness and romantic appeal to it, making it the perfect choice for the symbolic wedding band. Rose gold comes in an impressive range of pink to blue hues – surely you’ll find a shade to suit your taste.

Now that you’ve seen the upcoming trends and had a chance to view some of CrownRing’s gorgeous selection of men’s wedding bands, feel free to come into our showroom to look at our even wider selection! We are sure to have something on-trend to match any style!

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