Love-Inspired Custom Jewellery

There is no love stronger and more special than that of a Mother. They are the person who brings you into this world. Mothers are your friends. Your consigliere. Your confidant. And your family. With how much Mothers do for us, most can only hope to give back a sliver of gratitude in comparison to their commitment. It is through this special bond that we were contacted to create some Mother-inspired custom jewellery. 


Custom Jewellery Inspiration

Recently, we had the pleasure of receiving a request to help in the creation of a custom-designed white gold ring. As custom jewellery is one of our favourite services offered, we are always ecstatic to see what inventions arrive through our doors. 

Each specialized order comes with its own set of challenges and learning opportunities. Nonetheless, custom jewellery requests are memorable for us, as they offer a chance to create non-traditional pieces and puts us outside of our comfort zone. This is where magic can come alive!

We met with the mother and son to inquire about their specifications and hopes for their ring. It wasn’t until we started our discussions that we realized this project was nothing like any of our custom jewellery experience.

The design for this ring was inspired by their son’s artwork. Incredibly talented for his age, he produced a piece featuring an expressive-styled font stating the word, “Mom”. 

Creating a Custom Ring

To move forward, our process started with mocking-up a 3D image based on the son’s concept drawing. Starting only with a front-view drawing and little-to-no dimensional requirements, aspects such as band, style, and thickness were in our control. Asking questions to figure out Mom’s preferences ensured that we created a piece she would love for decades to come. 

3D rendering of the piece

After our 3D image was fully processed and fine-tuned to meet sizing specifications we were able to print a wax model to stand as a proof-of-concept. 

After a few hours of printing, we finally had a tangible example of the finished product. We invited Mom and her son back to our Toronto location so we could make certain we matched their vision. 3D printed models give a chance for commissioners to see their piece before any metal is spent, while also providing a physical reference for the final product. 

After their approval, we began to cast the ring. 

We start by triple-checking our wax mold for imperfections, as this will determine the shape and width of our ring. The mold is then placed into plaster and allowed to dry. This will create a negative of our model. It is here where the white gold is heated, melted and carefully poured into the plaster negative, where it will be allowed to cool. 

We finalize the cast by removing the hardened white gold and examine for errors. From there, we buffer out any burrs and remove any excess metal. Filing and polishing of the ring are completed before setting any stones to avoid damaging or scratching.


With the ring all finished, everyone at the Edward & Davies team couldn’t have been more excited. To personalize the ring, we set three precious stones; citrine, sapphire and peridot to represent the family’s birthstones. 

The connectedness of family is represented within the strength of this ring. Beautiful white gold polished to a sheen that almost dazzles and allures with the colour accents provided by the three birthstones. 

We were thrilled when the ring was finally to be picked up, as this would be the first time the family had seen the final product.  The family couldn’t have been happier with the result. The fit was perfect. Stones were luminous.  It was a moment we were proud to be a part of, as nothing brings us more joy than a job well-done. 

Custom Jewellery for You 

Love is a powerful emotion. Cherish those who are close to you with custom designed jewellery for any occasion. Our team of goldsmiths and gemologists have more than 50 years of combined experience to make any dream a reality. 

So, whether you want to express your uniqueness with a custom necklace to fit your style, or prefer to surprise the love of your life with specialty designed engagement ring, we have the tools to bring the beauty out of your designs. 

Call Edward and Davies or stop by our shop to begin your custom jewellery journey. 

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