Matching Your Unique Engagement Ring

Do you have a unique engagement ring, or find yourself wishing for one? Are you confused about how you are inevitably going to match a wedding band to it?  We are here to let you know that there is absolutely no need to fret! You can keep your unique engagement ring and find the perfect band to match, we promise!

We know that engagement rings that have large or uniquely-shaped stones and rings that are vintage looking or antique can be tough to find the right wedding band to match.

While your engagement ring is the center of attention leading up to the big day, a complimentary wedding band will eventually become an important piece of your wedding jewellery as well, and you want to make sure to find the perfect one. The wedding band is a piece that you will be wearing every single day of your life and we want you to feel proud of your band and how it fits together with your engagement ring.

 Here are some of our tips to find the perfect wedding band to compliment your unique engagement ring.


For low set rings and rings with stones that stick out (oval, pear, or other uniquely-shaped stones where a wedding band will not fit directly underneath the setting or line up without showing a gap), you can:

Have a custom curved wedding band created specifically to match your engagement ring

Through a collaborative process between our expert jewellers and the bride/groom, we can create a customized wedding band that will fit perfectly around the contours of your unique setting.

In this example, our jewellers used diamonds from family jewellery and transformed them into a diamond-studded wedding band that fit perfectly around the contour of the round-cut diamond engagement ring.

Opt for a cuff ring

Choosing a cuff ring for the wedding band is perfect for anyone who does not like the curved band look. If you would prefer to maintain a straight appearance in your wedding band, consider a cuff ring.

The “cuff” will sit on either side of your setting, tricking the eye into thinking it is a regular straight band.

Get trendy with a V-shaped or Crown wedding band

Depending on the unique setting of your engagement ring, a V-shape or Crown wedding band might fit nicely around your stone.

With such a large inventory and customization options available, we are certain that you can find the perfect wedding band to match your ring! If you are unsure of which band shape will work best with your engagement ring, feel free to come into our store at any time to talk with one of our expert jewellers. We have years of experience matching unique rings with equally extraordinary wedding bands.

Simply embrace the gap

There is no rule that states you can’t have a gap between your wedding ring and band! Simply embracing the fact that there will be a small gap between the rings on your finger is also an option. If you don’t know whether or not you would mind having a small gap, consider that having one will make it even more noticeable that you are wearing both a wedding ring and band. As the two rings will not touch or blend together as much, you are able to maintain the focus on the wedding ring!


For intricate designs and antique style rings, you can:

(Again,) create a custom band with Edwards & Davies

Our jewellers are able to replicate the detailing on your engagement ring to make sure your wedding band will match the unique design perfectly. We will be happy to collaborate with you to ensure you walk away with the wedding band of your dreams.




Keep it simple

Sometimes, a simple gold band is better than anything else. If your engagement ring is already very detailed, an intricate matching band might take away from that; your finger bling may become too busy looking and take the focus away from your gorgeous engagement ring.

Edwards & Davies carries many classic gold and white gold bands in a large variety of widths, so you can be sure to find the perfect compliment to your ring.


Go for a stacking band

Try on some stacking bands with your engagement ring and see if you can find a nice fit!Many of the stacking bands we carry have milgrain edging which will give the band a more vintage or antique feel.

Get your band hand engraved

One of our special offerings at Edwards & Davies is our jewellers’ ability to hand-engrave pieces. These pieces are completely customized and made-to-order by hand.

Our hand-engraving options can mirror the style of your vintage or antique engagement ring with a perfectly matched wedding band.

You dream it, we will make it happen.

If there is any dream or vision you have for your wedding band, we would love to help you achieve the perfect look. With our expansive customization options and impressive inventory, doubled with our expertise, we are certain that we can help you find or create the wedding band you’ve been hoping for! Contact us or visit us in store today!


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