How to Take Proper Care of Your Engagement Ring

Taking proper care of your engagement ring will help to increase its lifespan and preserve its original beauty.

Undoubtedly, your ring is one of your most cherished possessions, and just like you take regular care of the other important things in your life (yourself, your family members, your home and vehicles…) you should also be taking regular care of your engagement ring!

Here are some of our expert DOs & DON’Ts to help you keep your engagement ring looking brand new


DON’T wear your engagement ring or wedding band while you are at the gym or doing any heavy lifting. The high pressure put on your rings during these activities can bend the backside of your ring and leave it misshaped. Working out or doing other strenuous activities with your ring on could cause the diamonds or gems to become loose in their settings and might even lead to them falling out. You may also put yourself at risk of scratches and other damages to your beloved pieces. Rings, especially ones with protruding gems and settings, can become a safety issue if they get caught in any material or machinery during these activities.


DO go to get your ring checked out by a professional – at least once a year.  When you bring your ring into Edwards & Davies, our expert jewelers will check to make sure all of your settings are still tight. We also check for wear and tear damages and decide if your ring needs re-tipping (this occurs when the claws on your ring have worn down too far.) If you ever hear any rattling coming from your rings, bring them in right away, this sound is likely coming from a loose stone and should be attended to as soon as possible.


DON’T use harsh chemicals like bleach when you are wearing your ring. Using bleach might cause discolouration to your gold jewelery. Other regular household products that you may not consider “harsh chemicals” can still cause damage to your rings; you’re better off to just leave your ring in its box while you clean.


DO bring your ring(s) in for a refinishing if they become discoloured or dull – we can bring the sparkle and shine back to life for you! A full polish will be done in-house at our store and prices vary depending on the piece and level of wear.




DON’T forget to clean your rings using our complimentary jewelery cleaner that comes free with all gold purchases. To use: place your gold rings in the bottle, allow to sit for some time before rinsing well with water and drying with a soft cloth. The liquid will eat away at any buildups on your ring. When your solution begins to get dirty, bring it back to our store and we will refresh it for you. Our complimentary jewelery cleaner is bottomless – we want to keep your ring sparkling and clean, always!




DO stop by Edwards & Davies any time for a complimentary quick cleaning!





DON’T freak out if your white gold begins to wear through to natural yellow gold colour. All white gold is rhodium plated and will begin to wear off after a few years. Bring your ring in for a refinishing – our experts will polish the ring back to new and re-plate it for you!



When in doubt, ask an expert! Our jewelers are more than happy to help you with any care-related problems you might be having. Visit us in-store today!

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