Turning the Old Into New – Feature Jewellery Re-design Job

What to do with old jewellery? Maybe it’s a piece from your grandmother, an out of style item passed down from your great uncle, or even something you have already owned for a while and just aren’t feeling the look of it anymore. Don’t let it sit in your jewellery box and collect dust! We absolutely love getting old pieces of jewellery and making it into something modern and new. And you can too!

The options are endless when it comes to redesign. Maybe you have an idea or maybe you don’t. We can help with that. A ring doesn’t have to become another ring and a necklace doesn’t have to become another necklace. You can take the sentimental stones out of the jewellery and even repurpose the gold to put it into another piece. This makes it more modern and stylish but also holds on to the personal value of it!

The re-design page of our website (click here to see!) breaks down our entire process of turning an old piece of jewellery into new so, let’s follow the steps and check out the process we went through with this beautiful custom piece!

Step #1 – What do I have?

A customer came in with an old yellow gold diamond solitaire ring from his girlfriend’s family.

Step #2 – What can I do with it?

He wanted to use the diamond from the ring to make a sentimental engagement ring to surprise her with.

Step #3 – What will it look like?

The customer brought in photos of a new ring and we recreated it for him. After a design drawing and a wax model (this can take up to 1+ weeks), he was pleased with the new design!

Step #4 – Let’s make it!

The diamond was carefully removed. Gold was melted and credited towards the cost of the ring redesign for the customer. And after about 2+ weeks, the finished product was completed! 

Step #5 – Wohoo!

An absolutely stunning engagement ring using the same diamond from the old sentimental piece! And a wonderful surprise for his girlfriend…now fiancée!

Check it out!



before redesign old jewellery into new jewellery yellow gold diamond solitaire engagement ring



after redesign jewellery old jewellery into new jewellery rose gold diamond halo engagement ring  flower ring

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