The Perfect Proposal – 5 Tips to Make it Memorable

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So you think you have found the one? That in itself is great news! But now what do you do? The bar has been set high by grand gestures of epic proposals all over the internet and chances are your significant other has an idea or two of what their fantasy ring and proposal will be like. So, look no further! We are here to help guide you in picking that perfect ring and creating that perfect proposal! It is a memory that you both will have forever so no matter what kind of gesture you are going for; you want to make it memorable. Memorable is the key word here!

  1. It’s important to make it important

Set this occasion aside as it’s own special day/evening. Of course people have proposed on holidays and there is nothing wrong with that, however, having a day on it’s own makes the event stand out and can make it more meaningful – like the proposal is a little holiday in itself. Makes it memorable! We also, believe it is important to do something that is in line with what your partner likes whether it be low key or extravagant. You want them to feel comfortable and you want to be comfortable.

  1. It never goes out of style to give the parents a heads up

Depending on the situation or relationship, having someone else in on the surprise is not only respectful but could also help you out in creating the perfect experience. It also makes the experience more memorable to have family and friends involved. But we would suggest keeping this inner circle small, too many people involved can heighten the chance of letting the cat out of the bag. The more of a surprise the better!

  1. Picking out a ring

Well in our opinion – this part is easy! You want a good memory of this experience and we make the engagement ring process seamless for you. Whether you have no idea at all or you are overloaded with information, we have ready-made rings as well as the option to create a custom piece from your imagination. First, think about their personality and what suits them. This is a piece of jewellery they will be wearing every day. Second, to solidify your decision, you can ask a close friend or family member for input and they may help lock in a preference. Finally, there is no set amount to spend! Be comfortable and confident with your price range. It’s about the thought going into the ring and proposal and not the dollar signs. Browse some of our finished rings here or check out some of our custom work here

  1. Where to propose?

Pick a spot that has meaning to you both! Where you first met, your favourite weekend hangout or thing to do together, etc. You want something that symbolizes you both. Not only will it hold sentimental value, but chances are it’s somewhere or it’s something that you can have some predictability on and know what to expect. This eliminates any unwanted surprises and hopefully makes the process more comfortable for you. Also, make sure to dress your best and suitable for the place you pick. 

  1. What to say?

It never hurts to keep it short and sweet. If you drag on too long chances are they will get the hint and be waiting for that ring to appear. But if you cut to the chase, the moment could lose its appeal and seem insincere. Think of it more as a toast and not a speech. And most importantly if the moment fits, don’t forget to get down on one knee! It adds to the humility and memorability of the whole experience.


On a side note – be prepared for an immediate social press release to your closest family and friends as well as wedding planning itineraries commencing the very next day. But that’s a whole other story!

Ready, set, go! Good luck!

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