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White gold engagement ring oval diamond engagement ring antique style diamond halo engagement ring

Wedding season is approaching and one of the upcoming trends are oval cut diamond engagement rings. They give a bold statement with a lighter price tag than their round diamond counterparts. These diamonds have the ability to make the most elegant solitaire or can be framed beautifully in a halo. If you are looking into engagement rings or searching for ring ideas to drop some hints– we have some tips on how to evaluate and pick the perfect oval diamond. And chances are we just might have a few of those perfect ones in stock!

The Look

The oval diamond has a similar facet arrangement as the round diamond. Both are brilliant cuts that bring out a lot of sparkle but the oval has a more unique shape quality. An oval can give the impression of a larger diamond versus other shapes because of it’s long, slender profile. Unlike round diamonds which always need to be a perfect circle, an oval diamond’s shape can vary between short length with a wider midsection to a long length with a slender midsection.  This is referred to as the length to width ratio.   


Length to Width Ratio

The look of an oval diamond is purely based on preference, however, there is a more appealing ratio for these diamonds. Length to width ratio measures exactly that, the length of the diamond versus the width of the diamond. A fuller, lower ratio diamond – 1.3 or lower – would be perfect for a solitaire diamond compared to a more elongated, higher ratio diamond – 1.7 or higher – that would be complemented with a pair of side stones. For comparison, a round diamond has a ratio of 1. In our opinion, a classic cut oval is usually around the 1.4 to 1.5 ratio mark.



Most oval diamonds have a quality called the bow-tie effect. To the naked eye, this can look like an actual bow-tie inside of the diamond. But in jeweller terms, bow-ties refer to the amount of light that’s not bouncing back from the middle of the diamond because of the way the diamond is cut. This is not usually a characteristic that is listed on a diamond certificate but we will visually inspect bow-ties on all of our oval diamonds to determine the severity. A bow-tie can give the oval diamond a unique quality, but too severe of a bow-tie can take away it’s sparkle.


Some of our custom oval diamond engagement rings!

oval diamond solitaire engagement ring oval diamond halo white gold engagement ring white gold oval diamond engagement ring diamond band engagement ring diamond halo engagement ringwhite gold oval diamond engagement ring diamond halo engagement ring intricate diamond band detail


One more thing!

Diamonds don’t have to be the only thing oval shaped. Classic gemstones like these pieces below can also have a stunning oval shape:


White Gold Oval Opal and Diamond Halo Ring

oval opal diamond halo cluster ring white gold rg00548

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White Gold Oval Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring

Diamond Blue Topaz Ladies White Gold Cocktail Ring Gabirel LR5793W45BT-1

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White Gold Oval Sapphire Diamond Ring

oval blue sapphire antique style white gold tapered baguette diamond engagement ring promise ring rg00783

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Oval Amethyst and Diamond Gold Earrings

Checkerboard cut amethyst coloured stone gem stone february birthstone with round brilliant cut diamonds in 14k white gold with stud posts and omega backs

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White Gold Oval Emerald and Diamond Drop Earrings

oval green emerald diamond halo drop earrings white gold

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White Gold Oval Ruby and Diamond Drop Earrings

rop earrings oval red ruby july birthstone white gold diamond

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