Sapphire: The Sacred Gem of September

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Although the ambience of summer is slowly coming to an end, the radiance of a sapphire is a timeless embodiment of its spirit and the perfect gem to represent the month of September. Available in a wide range of colours and hues, the sapphire is most commonly considered a blue gem with a long history of religious and spiritual significance.

In ancient times the sapphire was closely linked to the divine; the heavenly blue aura was believed to be a symbol of faith, hope, and insight. Modern attributes range from wisdom and learning to mental acuity and health. Christianity praised the sapphire as a symbol of spiritual protection and was a favourite among royals and other members of nobility.davies-blog-img2

While blue is thought to be the sapphire’s “true” and most recognizable colour, it’s versatility along the spectrum provides it with the ability to satisfy almost any colour preference. It is formed through the crystallization of an aluminium oxide mineral known as Corundum. All varying colours of Corundum are considered to be sapphires with the only exception being those which are red; these gems are then known as rubies.

For those born in September, the renowned quality and history of this birthstone make it an excellent addition to any piece of jewellery. Its reputation for focusing both the mind and spirit is enhanced by it’s strength as a gem, second only to the diamond. Contact us with any further inquiries

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